Saturday, 5 May 2012

'The Tom and Jerry Show '

No matter where are u based in civilized world, or may be in a little less civilized world, every one knows 'Tom and Jerry'. Two characters, incomplete without one another. It is literally impossible to imagine one without other, very much like a shirt and a trouser. As kids we all loved it and somehow we lose interest in this animated program as we grow up. However, a recent report of 'Research Institute of Non-Human behavior of Human beings' depicts different results. 

The research states a very interesting fact. No matter which ever part of this civilized world we consider, adults citizens of each country, secretly, tend to enjoy 'Tom and Jerry show'. These 'Tom and Jerry' episodes are created keeping the cultural needs of that specific country. The only difference between the original version and the remake is the intensity. Both Tom and Jerry tend to hit back but with much more intensity and passion that it becomes more like a reality T.v show rather an animated act. Such are the cultural changes from one country to another that these programs can be a political talk show in Pakistan to a live transmission of War in U.S.A (2004). The cultural references in such reality Tv Shows usually are very relevant to current times. Strange references like crazy looking Mullahs as enemy and source of evil in the world to ownership of corruption as civil right and official duty are considered as normal. The writers and creators of such Tv Shows keep coming up with incredible and innovative ideas like hunger strike of a specific individual followed by red taped procedure of documentation that causes no change in real life of people in the largest democratic country in the world. However, still such programme are in the favor of general public as if nothing else these programs create jobs, advertisements and keep the economic cycle going. Hence we can safely state such reality shows help generating good profit to relevant organizations and individuals and must be allowed to carry on as common person is most irrelevant to the existing world's system and has no intentions to change the course of the world set and controlled by rest of 2%.  

This is indeed a good report and for some it may summarizes it all. For me, however, it does not say it all. The is a deep sense of 'Altaf Bhai Syndrome' a.k.a 'Perday main rehny do', hard to deduct but not impossible to find out. As it is always about 'The Others', hence safe enough to say, the others has deliberately hide a fact in this report. It is true when the others say the majority of human population tends to watch it from a distance, views it as a source of infotainment and believes themselves not to be part of 'The Tom and Jerry Show'. However, there is nothing in this view but lies. No matter how much they deny common people are part of 'The Tom and Jerry Show', with one additional fact. Jerry gets away with all of cheese and is never hit back by Tom in this game of deceptive reality with a strange fact that Tom is unaware of him being part of the Show. 

Conspiracy Theory © Nukt@ Shah 2012


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